Looking for the best chocolate in the world? Venezuela has it!

Venezuela is known for having the world’s best cocoa. This statement can easily be confirmed once you get the first bite out of any Venezuelan chocolate bar.

It can also be confirmed by Venezuelan chocolate connoisseur Jose Franceschi who stated in the ‘Gourmet chocolate becomes economic lifeline in Venezuela crisis’ article for Reuters, the country was the world’s leader cocoa producer at the end of the 18th century. Even though such statement has varied, the cocoa remains one of the most sought after on earth.

Dark chocolate and its different percentages (60, 50, 70 to name a few), milk chocolate, white premium chocolate have the same ingredient in common: venezuelan cocoa.

According to Venezuelan chocolatier Maria Fernanda di Giacobbe, European and Asian chocolatiers must use at least 5% Venezuelan cocoa so their chocolates can be considered ‘premium’. Furthermore, Canadian Prime Chocolaterie, included in the world’s Top 15 chocolateries, states that Venezuelan cocoa is the best in the world because it is ‘genetically perfect’, therefore the secret in their chocolates is to use cocoa butter and Venezuelan cocoa.So, what makes Venezuelan cocoa the best? The international Cocoa Organization (ICCO) declared that Venezuela’s cocoa surpasses global excellence standards due to its incredibly varied genetics -you can find more than 10 types of clusters or genetic families in only one Venezuelan cocoa plantation! –  location, privileged weather, flavour and passion with which the local workers cultivate the bean.

Recently there have been numerous new chocolatiers who have made the best out Venezuela’s current economic crisis and have exported their exquisite work; therefore Venezuelan artisanal chocolate has been filling American, European and Asian shelves.

These gourmet chocolate bars vary in flavour and present the most exotic and divine combinations. Milk chocolate with passion fruit, lime, mango… milk chocolate with salt or hot pepper, to name just a few!

Living proof of these exquisite flavours is MANTUANO CHOCOLATE – pop on our UNIQUE DELICACIES section to see what we mean!! – A Venezuelan chocolatier that started in 2014 and has already expanded to Argentina, Spain and now the UK.

Chocolate has always been rooted in the heart and history of Venezuela, so it was only logical that a premium Venezuelan chocolate brand would be named after a well-known Venezuelan term: ‘Mantuano’.

The ‘mantuanos’ were the sons of Spaniards who had been born in Venezuela. They soon started cultivating and selling Venezuela´s cocoa all over the world. The word itself refers to the mantilla´s – manto in Spanish – that upper class Spanish ladies were obliged to use back in the day.

Therefore, after Mantuano’s founder and master chocolatier Giovanni Conversi’s first encounter with the world of chocolate, 17 years ago in the ´Hacienda Mantuano´, the brand found its name. Mantuano’s unique packaging design, its exotic taste due to the adding of striking ingredients and the cocoa butter infusion technique are what set it apart from the rest.

The chocolate world is a wonder, which many are still to discover. Our idea is to give people options, like pairing exquisite chocolate with wonderful Venezuelan rum. Such combination is the perfect accompaniment. It enhances both flavours and keeps the palate – and you – happy.

Get to know Venezuela’s chocolate and open up to a whole new world of exotic flavours!!


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